My research focus centers on generative network models by combining methods in natural language processing and graph theory to learn the grammars of networks. In my free time you’ll find me fixing my house, running, sailing (less frequently nowadays), and spending time with friends, but most importantly with family, who are always reminding me to maintain a good sense of humor.
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Mar 2017 - Proposal funded: DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program award
Mar 2017 - Poster: Principled Structure Extraction as a Model for Network Growth accepted at NetSci17
Mar 2017 - Invited talk at Argonne National Lab
Mar 2017 - Invited Talk at KPMG


HyperEdge Replacement Grammars Graph Model

Discovering the underlying structures present in large real-world graphs. Code

Automatically finding network architectures for Deep learning tasks

The difficulty of training deep neural networks (New).

Concept Hierarchies and Human Navigation

Solutions to the problem around the difficulty of training deep neural networks. Code, Paper


A mobile tool to automatically interact with family and close friends frienso.com Code.


A mobile tool to automatically monitor tremor over time (such as tremor due to Parkinson’s Disease) Paper

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